European agenda-setting

Remapping the EU landscape post-crisis and after Lisbon

The EU’s Green Dynamism

Environmental policy success in a multi-veto constellation.


Rather than being constrained by the least ambitious governments, the EU has until recently set the pace of national environmental …

Soil is a non-renewable and increasingly deteriorating resource, yet it is barely protected by European Union (EU) legislation. This …

Combining the joint-decision trap model with the major theories of European integration, The EU’s Green Dynamism examines how the EU …

This paper looks at how policy‐makers use various alternative decision arenas to avoid internal policy incoherence. Inconsistency …


EU Environmental Policy at 50: Five Decades of Escaping Decision-Traps?

Download the datafile and R code here.


I am currently teaching “Between Law and Politics: The Constitution and Regulation of the European Single Market” (402170 VU Politikwissenschaftliche Schwerpunktsetzung 1).

From the course description:

Although little discussed, the Single Market is at the heart of European integration, the most deeply integrated of all policy-areas. This advanced seminar explains how the Single Market works in theory and practice. Through different examples, ranging from goods to services and competition policy, it examines when and why the Single Market affects seemingly unrelated policies on the EU and national level, creating tensions that may push toward further integration. The conceptual focus is on the interplay of law and politics in creating and regulating the Single Market. This includes central institutions and actors such as the European Court of Justice and the EU’s legal system as well as the European Commission as guardian of the Treaty and highest competition authority.

Through this advanced class, students will

  • know the principles on which the Single Market is built, and be able to identify its major successes and challenges.
  • understand how the Single Market affects various policy areas on the national and EU level
  • be able to distinguish between legal and political integration
  • apply these concepts to compare different policy-areas related to the single market
  • be able to research as well as discuss and critically evaluate selected political science literature through different media (writing, graphics, presenting).

Please see lfuonline for details, and check my CV for courses I taught before. I don’t have fixed office hours at the moment, so just send me an email to fix an appointment.


Today I’ll start my new job as Assistant Professor at the University of Innsbruck, Department of Political Science. I am …

… and will return mid-September

New Paper in Environmental Policy & Governance

The latest special issue of Environmental Policy and Governance features a paper that I wrote on policy-coherence in the EU’s …

Yesterday, I finally received a long-awaited parcel with volumes of my book”The EU’s Green Dynamism: Deadlock and Change in …

Curriculum Vitae

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Assistant Professor

Institute of Political Science

2019 – Present University Innsbruck
Research and Teaching on European Policy and Politics

Assistant Professor

Centre for European Integration Research (EIF), Institute for Political Science

2016 – 2019 University Vienna
Research and Teaching on European Policy and Politics

Travelling Factotum

Various employers

2015 – 2016 Canada (Québec, mostly)
Rolling Maki, Selling Pants, Hiking the Rockies

Affiliated Fellow

Centre of European Law and Politics (ZERP)

2014 – 2015 University Bremen
Finalizing PhD thesis

Research Associate

Collaborative Research Centre 597 “Transformations of the State”

2008 – 2014 University Bremen
Interdisciplinary Project on Trade Liberalisation and Social Regulation

Research Associate

Jacobs University Bremen

2007 – 2008 Bremen, Germany